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After years as a massage therapist, working for large and small studios, and even renting my own space, I was burned out. I became a massage therapist to help people but found myself not making the impact I desired. I ended up changing careers; my husband and I opened two local businesses, and I became a mom.  Through those experiences, I was reminded our best selves require personal care and rejuvenation. I visited countless spas and massage practices seeking that care and rejuvenation, but each time I left underwhelmed. Through those disappointments, the inspiration for Soul was born. 

What if you could have an experience that serves you, an atmosphere designed with your health and betterment in mind, and a group of people dedicated to your rejuvenation?  

Soul was created because I believe that we as humans are meant to serve and care for each other. We want to serve our community.

Welcome to your quiet time – an escape from the day-to-day worries. We’re here to rejuvenate you: mind, body & Soul. 

Our Mission here at Soul, is to provide services to our clients that are unmatched by other massage studios and spas. We want to create a truly transformative experience, helping our clients find rest, healing and rejuvenation for mind, body, and soul.

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